A place with assorted whiskies for aficionados and novices

Nikka Bar Rita was named after Rita Taketsuru, the wife of the founder of Nikka Whisky, Masataka Taketsuru. She faithfully supported Mr. Taketsuru, who is now called“the father of Japanese whisky.”Yoichi Distillery and the owner of an old bar in Otaru have collaborated in opening this pub. We wanted to provide a place for Japanese whisky lovers to rediscover its excellence, and for novices to start enjoying it.Nikka Bar Rita offers a single-caskgenshu (unblended whisky) that is produced nowhere except the Yoichi Distillery, and assorted appetizers made from localingredients. We await your visit in Denukikoji Alley, in Otaru, which bustles with tourists and Otaru locals.